Red Door's Refurbishment and Repurposing

Welcome! So, to help you to get to know me a little better, my name is Christy Strickland and I have literally spent most of my years in the building and construction business.  I worked at (and eventually operated) my father's residential construction company for 20 years.  When the down turn in the economy happened, I was forced to evolve, so, I expanded into commercial construction and discovered that something was missing.  

You have a drive and passion for something when you love what you do.  My husband is a utility contractor and I helped him out a little when he came to me to run something by me.  One day, he said he had a customer that had an old barn on it that needed taking down.  He then asked if my construction crew could take it down by hand.  I took one look at that old red barn and fell in love.  :) 

The Art and Meaning Behind Red Door

At the end of the day, I’m an artist at heart.  I could see in my mind what I could make out of that wood!!!!  I was so excited!!!  I started coming up with designs for my construction crew to make.  I would go searching for scrap metal pieces to use for the “look” I was going for.  That evolved into making lamps, light fixtures, wall art, and you name it.

So, that being said, the concept has finally turned into “Red Door Design”.  Wikipedia says the meaning (I choose to go with) is “Welcome” that is true with fung shui..."Flow of energy", early American... "Welcome" and so on.  People looking to renovate or just purchase something unique will feel very welcome here.